Chris Little Co-Project Investigator

Chris Little has spent many years as a professional meteorologist, pushing technology and processes to their limits – whether high performance computing, seriously massive storage, telecoms, scientific visualisation, data formats or mathematical algorithms in NWP or Data Assimilation.

He has spent several years being managerially responsible for 24/7 operational production of safety critical products and emergency response activities and is still active in international projects, collaborations and standardisation, sometimes at the leading edge, other times capacity building in developing countries to ensure the trailing edge does not get too far behind. He is currently an IT Fellow at the Met Office and Co-chairs some standardisation Working Groups in the Open Geospatial Consortium and a member of various expert groups in WMO and the W3C.

Specialities: Geospatial standards, Data Visualisation, Data formats, Telecoms;Member of World Meteorological Organisation Expert Teams & Management Team;Chair and member of various OGC Standards Working Groups, including Meteorology & Oceanography Domain WG and Temporal Domain WG;  Member of W3C Standards Working Groups and communities;  Consultancy in Developing & Least Developed Countries.