MEDMI aimed to create a central data and analysis platform that linked and analysed complex meteorological, environmental and epidemiological data.

This concept built on the emerging data ‘mash-up’ field of computational science, used to combine diverse types of data to create new applications and resources.

The project has developed a central store of environmental and health data as well as various tools that combine and analyse this information.

MEDMI is validating the feasibility of these approaches through several ‘demonstration’ research projects. These hypothesis-driven studies will use real research questions to test the database and its tools, providing feedback to improve upon their design.

Ultimately, the project has five core aims and hopes to:

  • Facilitate novel research with environment and human health models;
  • Identify ‘hot spots’ for targeted prevention, interventions, and research;
  • Provide healthcare practitioners and public health planners with relevant information for improving services for locations and populations identified at risk;
  • Initiate and evaluate interventions;
  • Disseminate and provide access to data as part of outreach and engagement with the research community, policymakers and civil society.