By bringing together several complex datasets, MEDMI is aiming to improve research into the links between climate, weather, the environment, and health.

It will explore different ways to link and interrogate databases and lay the foundations for a shared resource for medical, environmental and public health researchers in the UK.

The project has been funded by both the Medical Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council and involves a diverse mix of partners – hoping to develop the tools to answer some of modern society’s most pressing health issues.

A large proportion of global diseases can be linked to environmental factors, with chemical hazards, changing habitats for disease-carrying insects, and community behaviours all playing a growing role. As climate change continues to drive changing weather patterns, these environmental factors are predicted to have ever greater impacts on human health and wellbeing.

Yet research into the links between environmental factors and health remains fragmented, hampered by a lack of common tools and databases needed to investigate connections across a number of environmental factors and health conditions.

By linking databases on climate, weather and disease, MEDMI is – for the first time – attempting to create a resource that will allow researchers to shed light on these complex interactions. For further information, please see the publication: Data Mashups: Potential Contribution to Decision Support on Climate Change and Health